With more than 70 years of experience in the fresh and frozen pizza business, we know just what you need.  

Our History

    Luige’s frozen pizza originated in 1952. After 30 years of making fresh pizzas, the group decided to move into the frozen category. In the local Turner halls people could eat free pizza every Tuesday and
Thursday. What the Luige’s people were doing was developing a taste profile. You could grab a slice of
pizza, but you would always have to vote if you liked it, and this went on for years. The end game was a
great tasting product, but also a product that was developed at a lower cost.
    During the 70s and 80s Luige’s was primarily a fundraising pizza and in the 90s, Luige’s moved into the tavern delivery business. Luige’s was wildly successful, and to this day is the premier brand in Wisconsin. In 2011 Luige’s launched retail distribution in the upper Midwest and was once again very successful. In a meeting in Chicago with some of the largest players in the US, the comment was made Wisconsin has Luige’s and a lot of companies that want to be like them.

What Makes Luige's Special?

Luige’s is situated in the center of a farming area. We have ample labor at affordable prices. The local mayor has visited multiple times and commented about how the community loves the pizza plant and how proud they are of it. It is zoned for agricultural manufacturing. We have benefits that you can’t get out of a plant in the middle of the city. Luige’s is USDA inspected and we were the only USDA plant during the pandemic to not have a shutdown due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Luige’s freeze down and sauce mixing techniques, make us shine as leaders in our industry. Our goal is not to be the largest, but to provide a high-quality product at a very affordable price. The retail grocers consistently say that we bring people to the center of the store. Our just-in-time manufacturing assures freshness and quality which leads to our slogan, ”the frozen pizza that tastes fresh….guaranteed.”

Our Mission: Luige's is dedicated to providing a quality frozen pizza that our customers will love while also providing value to our retailer's shelves.